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The endure basketball bold I played was 2k12 which was appropriate but I could see the accession of VC so I bailed. 2k13 started bond offline with online and so began the era of NBA Live Mobile Coins harsher carbon caps.

You couldn't max out or even get abreast max stats. You were pigeon holed into arena a set classic for the annual of online balancing. Archetypes that accepted players in the bold didn't obey.

It seems nba Live 18 is no different? Why can back-scratch get bigger 3 pt acid than I can. Why can James be 6 ft 8 and acquire 99 acceleration if my 6 ft pg deceit get that high.

Anyone feel the aforementioned way? I ambition to accomplish the next Jordan. I ambition to accomplish a big man that is able-bodied as a bouncer if I acquire too. What's with all the caps?

Well I beggarly my amalgam bouncer can shoot with traits, kinda dribble, abundant D, and accomplishment on anybody and he's 6'10. The caps are because of online play, gotta accumulate antithesis online.

I get you can still accomplish an all-embracing ascendant amateur but It does bullwork my apparatus there's no offline abandoned approach with no caps.

What if I ambition to accomplish the best dunker in NBA? I just can't. Best 3 pt ballista in nba? Nope can't do that either.

Rating wise? No but to be honest I don't feel a aberration in 93 and 98 so you could calmly acquire the best percentage.

Same with dunking, I affirm to god I've postered at atomic 2 humans to the arena a game, like already in a division kinda dunks.

There isnt abundant of a aberration and yeah you can consistently get the best stats afterwards accepting the best rating. I beggarly appealing a lot of peoples amateur year amateur apparently won the alliance in ppg haha.

Offline play is so easy, that 82 feels 99. At atomic for me it does. I ample this was EAs way of adorable both crowds.

Maybe you just allegation to practise more. So accord us the advantage to play offline career unrestricted on MMOGO Inc..

Also, if everybody had a 99 aggregate amateur would it in actuality matter? If aggregate is OP afresh annihilation is OP.