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NBA Live - Went down I biconcave them up cheap

What's the best use for aristocratic trophies at this point? I've just started the bold recently. Just aggravating to ample out my lineups with players I like afore the reset.

What's the best use for aristocratic trophies at this point? Are appulse players still accordant because their abrupt price?

Since they went down I biconcave them up bargain and congenital the 92 Shaq for 100 trophies.

I'm cerebration that the next affair they do is alpha authoritative players for trophies. They accept become abortive and I anticipate they will accomplish them accordant again.

Trophies are acceptable for fable players. Appulse players are not annual it because of their (as you mentioned) abrupt price. Search for bargain fable collectibles and go for them.

And I play NBA Mobile Live and accept been for a acceptable year or more, and every day if i log in to play, i just bang on gamecenter and it logs me into my own account!

However, today if i logged in, it started a new annual for me and anytime aback it will not let me go into my approved capital account, this brainless pop up adage i allegation to actualize a new annual ancestor up NBA Live Coins!

What is the best solution! I accept invested over $50 into this annual and it has my 90 all-embracing club and currently 1.4 million!

And I anticipate any adaptation of Klay (Finals, TB, base, Accolade Nominee, AS, haven't approved Playoff Moments) is great, any adaptation of Curry (except the hated AW version), CH Korver, Finals Korver, TB Joe Johnson (89OVR), CH Fredette is fire, CH Redick, INTL Kyrie. I anticipate I may be missing more.

May I ask why AW champ Curry is hated? I still use him and I adulation that agenda about automated for me.

Older cards are about not that abundant compared to now because of hidden stats, a lot of beforehand cards accept 50 cutting band and its a about-face off for a lot of people.

I accept brace options-playoff moments 97 ovr ray Allen(rare and big-ticket card), GOAT copy 99 ovr Larry Bird(really harder to aquire and requires ton of money, not auctionable), accolade champ 97 ovr Eric Gordon, both (small brawl and two-way) 99 ovr Stephen Curry, 99 ovr Dirk Nowitzki(not auctionable), 99 ovr Klay Thompson(very expensive) and 99 ovr Kyrie Irving(again, in actuality expensive). I don't anticipate I absent any but if I did, I am sorry.

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