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NBA Live - The easiest way to play and win

Every time I play H2H, it just seems that cutting 3s is the best way to play and win. By accomplishing so I usually just shoot with one amateur and the blow of my aggregation ends up basically accomplishing annihilation on offense. I just feel it's the easiest way to win admitting How do you guys breach this mindset? How do you guys play?

PG, SG or SF runs up the floor.

Open? Shoot a 3p.

Not open? Actualize amplitude for a J or drive for a lay up/dunk or to canyon to a advanced accessible man for a (corner) 3p or midrange shot.

Driving not working/heavily defended? Canyon to the PG again(or SG if accomplishing this with PG) and try again.

This breach works appealing able-bodied but requires guards with top dribbling stats.

Of advance there are added variations involving the PF accepting chargeless at the alpha of 90% of all the possesions etc. but this is basically what I do in a nutshell.

Most of the time, if my PG is able to shoot 3's, I'll consistently yield the attack if advanced open.

Otherwise, I will play column up with my centermost or PF.

Also play abreast with my SG or SF, do a averseness or a circuit move afresh go anon for the bassinet to posterize any amateur beneath the rim. (Think Lebron, Durant, McGrady, Wiggins...) Afresh beam the hell out of the amateur accepting on the way. This makes it "fun" for me.

Hope this makes you to be able to analyze added fun things on the game.

I like to run with players that set screens in fact able-bodied for my aggregation so that I can run the pick&roll at times while aswell accepting able to attack added shots like alive to a advanced accessible atom and affairs up behindhand of whether it's a 3 or 2 pointer.

I aswell like to do crossovers with players that are alive and NBA Live Mobile Coins are abundant at ballhandling so that they can do drive their way through screens or advanced accessible defenses for an simple layup.