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Feb-06-2018 Categories: news

Well at least one team showed up for tonight's game. Although Kyrie and Mook seemed a bit rusty coming off an injury, still a bit embarrassing defeat. Also, this game showed us exactly why we need Gordon's playmaking ability, Al was completely cut off tonight and we seemed so lost without him distributing the ball. I also think we need to give Theis a chance at starting sometimes, the dude is pure hustle. We played with a little to no team defence tonight and we know we can do much better than this so no reason to panick but we shouldn't take this defeat as lightly as you think.

In our last 11 games we are 2-6 with Kyrie starting and 3-0 with Terry starting. Trading Kyrie confirmed.

Talk to us in June. Can’t wait to see this sub when Kyrie, Al and. Hayward are raising that trophy and raising banner 18.

The Dubs making the Finals isn't a foregone conclusion this year. Houston may be able to beat them. Either of our teams would at least stand a chance against the Rockets in the finals.

Was hoping for a better game too, even if it was an NBA Live Mobile Coins. Your bench is great. Appreciate the post, so many people are trolling in here tonight it’s nice to see respectful fans of other teams.

It's risky because I think everyone here was looking for salt relief after Sunday's events, but I'll allow it. Good game you outplayed us in every way tonight tbh.

Not entirely his fault, several bad shots he took, he had to take because they handed it over to him in the last seconds and also he had a couple of really unlucky misses.

Moose and Lou/Reke come playoff time. Also Kyrie just came back from some days off and all our starters will have extended minutes. You don't need a 10 deep team to win it all.

Not saying we'd lose the first seed, but it'd be hilarious if Toronto got it only to meet Cleveland in the second round again. I'll gladly take a Wizards team that isn't as good as last year.

Raptors played a lot better team basketball in this game compared to our first meeting. The first game was all iso ball. We needed a better defensive effort.

I’m sad we lost tbh but hard to stop the Raps who are red hot when we aren’t full strength. The Cavs mess makes up for this tbh. Not worried at all fellas.

Nah you guys are insanely good and played really well tonight for real. But celebrating like you won the Finals?

Cheering and getting hyped after a big win is lame? So you're saying if the situation was reversed in Boston you guys would all be sitting there quietly smoking cigars like Red Auerbach?

And dude, if we won the finals, the lower half of Ontario will blow up. Tonight was nothing. We just have an incredible fan-base is all. See you in the conference finals!