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NBA Live - NBA Live Mobile I never get old

NBA Live Mobile I never get old to accord aforementioned critics unless it's already fixed.

1.Award Winner: we all apperceive that some accolade are alone rare, but how abundant the allotment are? 1%? 0,0001%? As you apperceive I've calm 150+ accolade and i alone managed to get 3 sportsman, 1 sixthman and 1 ASMVP afore that NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Endure anniversary i opened all 150+ accolade and no sportsman-sixthman omg. And what's the point of created Accolade Winner sets? I beggarly instead of actually based on allotment (luck maybe?!) why you don't accord such a adventure to accomplish those rewards? Ex: to get sixthman, we acquire to score/assist/rebound/block/steal with bank players for x bulk in a bound time. To get sportsmanship we acquire to get a charging abhorrent while offense, or do a apple-pie block, or accepting befuddled while breach for x amount. Sounds added logic, right?

2.Supremacy: this is the aforementioned as my admonition above, i beggarly from my exp i approved to bright supremacy accident as continued as i can. 50+ accolade at most, but i'm accepting duplicates over and over again. Appropriate now i'm just missing "double team" and "shooting", what makes it added antic is i was accomplishing those things all day continued just because I'm alone missing that two. And i got nothing! Annihilation but duplicates!! This is in fact nonsense!! Why you don't accomplish those as a quest? Ex: to get "vertical" we acquire to do x dunks or x backlash or something, to get "conditioning" we acquire to set a play while breach or avert appropriately on deffense, to get "layup" we acquire to do layup for x bulk in a bound time.

Accomplish sense, right? Rather than relying alone on allotment or f**king luck, We players are never wish to play for luck, we play because we wish to be admired for how we play not how luck we are!

3.Titleholder: here's annoying too, why you would accomplish such accident if we can't get the accolade bare while we decay backbone on it? "Reward" is in actuality agency something we could get afterwards commutual some task! Not luck!

I apperceive you will make allotment but not that f**king low! Missing celtics and lakers alone for added than 3 months, exchanged alone to get spurs and warriors over and over again, Fu ck?!

4.Gameplay: i wanna ask you why you accomplish such stats for annihilation but waste? Look, korver has 96 3pts, forth with addition he'll get 98 3pts. Yeah he's one of top 10 all time 3pt shooters, but what on apple this game?? He can hit 2-3 three pts in a row while accepting contested, but not a individual advanced accessible three pts attack fabricated appropriate afterwards that and yeah he'll end up denticulate alone from aboriginal 2-3 three pts, Fu ck?? Aforementioned goes with Accolade Winner Curry, International Kyrie, Big Moments

Isaiah Thomas and so on. From that things I could acquaint the cessation is that you or the bold doesn't wish us to annual added than 2-3 three credibility streak, is that right? Those guys are one of the best shooters both in bold and reality, they can shoot threes while agilely contested, accomplish a clamp threes and about absent any accessible shots. And if you wanna apperceive why I allurement for this, it's because the gameplay!! 2mins per quarter, acquire at aboriginal i can acquire that. But we can't accede added because of opponents AI are tend to authority the brawl for about 24secs! And yet they al of a sudden became the God of Handling (barely can be stolen, none turnover) what makes worse was they about hit every individual attack afterwards killing time!! That's what makes us to go arena fast, drive to the rim, go for layup/dunks, go to the band and attack threes, a lot of of the time it'll be bootless miserably while opponent's AI array easily. Addition nonsense is all of sudden lower brand amateur than abundance (i'm abounding of aristocratic players) about-face into addition MJ, brownish amateur shoots three, argent players posterize, gold players with 30-60 3pt stats hit three credibility while accepting blocked. * off, I get generally destroyed by bronze-gold players by 10 or added pts. I'm acceptable at defense, played manually and switching if all-important but they accumulate hitting my rim easily. While if I'm on breach I'm disturbing like Fu ck, kept missing and brick or even turnovers. I apperceive how curry,korver,klay,kyrie plays. I played them like they were in absolute life, but why they Fu ck?? Absent advanced open, can alone do 2-3 shots while the next is accessible and never annual anymore. Amuse fix this bold ASAP!

I never get a sportsmanship and sixthman, I charge to accessible the present to get them, I never got them in the Live event. I anticipate there is a annihilate on all-star MVP or something. absurd to get. Before, you can get sportsmanship , sixthman and all brilliant MVP added easiler than now. EA should change aback the allotment to all according so that we acquire a adventitious to get them.