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Sep-13-2017 Categories: news

NBA Live's audience and accepted cycle out for 18 was impressive. So absorbing that I pre ordered day one (I'm aswell a EA/Live fan too) the strides from 14 to now are aggregate I accepted and more NBA Live Mobile Coins. Live has taken its time and congenital a STRONG CONTENDER.

But I yield the time to address this afterwards arena both Live and 2K's demos, and 2K fabricated strides and improvement, it's cycle out is underwhelming compared to Live. Live has bigger presentation, awfully bigger gameplay and just a acknowledgment vibe to it.

2K has a banal adventure (this year's articulation for the main) hardly bigger the 2K formula, and the Prelude is SOOOO FUCKING UNDERWHELMING. To all my Live active out there, NIGGA WE MADE IT

tl;dr: NBA Live has assuredly bankrupt the gap again...seriously though.

Please don't downvote me for accepting a clashing"opinion"... but seeing as how 2K has over 800K preorders while like hasn't beyond 100K...I'd be afraid to alarm them scared.

Well 2K is the safe bet and Live is "new" at this point. Humans buy 2K out of addiction whether or not it has even fabricated improvements.

I'm old so I bethink if 2K came out in 99 and anybody was like "wtf is this shit" now attending area we are. Accord it a brace years and Live will be absolute solid.

I didn't say afraid but worried. And you can acquaint by the way they acquire implemented a lot of NBA Live gameplay aspects and are even demography a added causal access in the appearance of play.

Also, it's not about demography over per se but they are a bleep on the 2K alarm again.

You can acquaint that Live put in the accomplishment this year. The Prelude isn't just underwhelming, it's abundantly short. It took best to download the bold than to accomplishment it. Added humans will apparently buy 2K, but I feel bad for them because imo Live is a lot bigger this year.

Played both. Live is average...still a little wonky. Afterwards about 10-15 hours of arena Live it became repetitive and annoying but I'm advertence that to accepting burnt out from arena it so abundant in such a baby aggregate of time.

I was in fact absorbed for a while. It was auspicious to play, layups feel abundant but centers charge a little added weight. BLOCKS ARE AMAZING. You in fact feel it.

I still don't anticipate I would buy Live at 40$. I will apparently get it if it drops to like 20-30.

2k was just 2k. Didn't play abundant to acquire an acutely able-bodied angled abstraction of what it's like. The adventure is cheesy. Already bought 2k admitting and I don't affliction it. I enjoyed my time arena it and the adjacency affair is a nice addition.

Conclusion: 2k got better. Live got better. Live is not bigger than 2k in my honest opinion. 2k will still win sales, but I do anticipate that Live will be even bigger next year.