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Oct-11-2017 Categories: news

I candidly don't even know. Judging by the in-game timer, the new division isn't traveling to alpha until Oct 28th (almost 2 weeks into the complete NBA season, which seems a little ridiculous).

I kinda agnosticism they'll do a big promo like that NBA Live Mobile Coins abandoned 3 canicule afterwards launch, but afresh afresh I feel like they kinda accept to achieve some array of halloween promo.

Not abiding how EA is gonna plan this all out afterwards afresh apathetic the new season. Hopefully they're application all this added time to achieve the amend awesome.

Ea allegedly doesn't even accept the answer, they artlessly just don't accord a individual bits about this bold anymore.

I in actuality ambition Oscar Robertson but accept abandoned 1mil. How can I achieve abundant money in the actual 2 weeks afterwards affairs any of my players?

This may not be the best way but it is a suggestion. Rather than buy him why not barter 400 collectables for an UL badge and do that 10 times. You can barter a summer cloister aristocratic for 40 tokens (twice) every 3 hours.

So you would just allegation to buy 100 summer cloister elites which you can snipes for beneath the 10k currently if you are acceptable at sniping.

If you are not so goo at sniping they are appealing simple to snipes for about 20k. either way afresh you can advertise them for 30-35k and there is 15k accumulation at least.

So I currently do something like accretion 10 new elites a day to barter and afresh I advertise accession 5 to achieve like 70k accumulation and that cushions the expenditure.

I beggarly you could just accumulate accomplishing that until you accept becoming a few mil or whatever but that could yield a while. I dunno which would be quicker. There should be time if you can play every day.

Based on what I already have, I can allegedly body two tokens with my adored up summer elites + my added gold players

So I would allegation 80 added summer elites, (80*25,000) which costs about 2M. In actuality doable.