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NBA Live - Is it adjoin lower OVRs

Sometimes it feels like you could yield two teams with the exact aforementioned players and exact aforementioned ratings, draft them out H2H, and NBA Live Mobile Coins feel in fact nerfed and abortive in LVL.

This seems to be the case added generally than not lately.

I absence soo abounding advanced accessible shots with 90+ 3 point shooters in LVL, EA needs to fix that.

I consistently play the best uarters if amphitheatre adjoin teams +-2 OVR compared to mine!

When amphitheatre adjoin low rated teams the bold is nerfed!

Is it adjoin lower OVRs? Because there is in fact a affliction if you play "easier" players.

I had the aforementioned activity accident to me until I started amphitheatre humans the aforementioned OVR or 1 lower than me.

How do you get the aggregation collectibles at the basal of the NBA Finals area in Sets (the ones that can be traded in for Aces Em's)?

You had to absorb nba banknote a few weeks backs for them.

I anticipate its if you didn't use your aces ems from antecedent rounds of NBA Coins.

It's like apple-pie up sets to get rid of account that can't be acclimated anymore. Nope, they were toppers on a backpack in the store.