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NBA Live - I would advance baby brawl PG

Anyone accept acquaintance with him? just occured to me that i accept abundant bill to buy NBA Live Mobile Coins and he looks appealing legit.

The 92 3pt appraisement is what keeps him over a mill. Even with the NBA Live Mobile absolution of 94 Wall and 95 Isaiah, Booker's amount did not bead much.

I got 2 Mil, 800k is traveling to a new Cutting PG and afterwards I would accept 1.2 mil. Selling my accepted baby brawl PG and Cutting PG will arbor me up to 2.2 mil. Booker is about 1 mil and Lin traveling for 3.5 mil.

I accept him aback he's accessible and don't plan to advancement him because he's absolutely good. Acceptable at 3-pointers and passing. Sometimes I annual 20 credibility in a h2h division abandoned with him.

Get a bigger baby brawl PG or two-way PG, SF or PF. I would advance baby brawl PG get 93 Playoff Isaiah or sig Nash, two way PG get TOTW Curry, two way SF get 92 PG13, PF you could go for 93 Davis or 91 pettit.

Get Gobert instead of Olynyk. He abandoned costs ~200k.

Edit: Aswell change your two-way PG to All-Star Harden or TOTW Lillard (92), they are absolute good.

Bob petit is a solid twoway pf, he's like 200-300k I think. And tb d will is a solid SB pg. Hes almost bargain for a 93 ovr and can hit threes well.

And Traveling off on a tangent- how is Steve Nash? I'm cerebration of accepting him as my Cutting PG, but i capital to apperceive if he can shoot 3's and canyon as acceptable as the stats say.

Try 95 Williams. Appealing fun to play and not too expensive. Who would you aces from these NBA Live?

Depends on NBA Live playstyle probably. Rose if I was traveling for assimilation and mid ambit and IT if I went for added NBA Live threes.

I abandoned played Rose out of those three and he was abundant for me but a lot of my ITs shoot abundant 3pters. Idk about Burke, never tryed him out.