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MMOGO NBA Live Coin Trader - I'm just analytical as to who your MVP is in your deck? For me it's 88 OVR Lillard. He's so clamp for a lower rated player. Can beating 3s down with his eyes closed.

Can douse and shoot appealing abundant from anywhere. He's my go to guy in a clamp bearings or if I wish to rain down 3s all day. So who is your MVP in your band up?

Mcgrady, every calendar shoots abundant additional the clutch. Could accept a 99 aggregation but can't yield affirmed credibility out of the game.

89 division vet Stockton.

Even admitting he pulls down my overall, I can't allotment with him. Abundant passes, lots of steals and a decidedly able 3 point shot.

Is he still accessible to get? The 97 is too expensive. He's still in the aristocratic division veterans packs. I lucked out and got him from the gold division vet pack.

I acclimated him for a continued time and afresh I upgraded to 95 Thomas... But as you've said he is soo acceptable with 3s that I consistently anticipation he had 90+ 3 pt rating. I've apparent his stats alone if I put him in the aristocratic exchange. And absolutely I was shocked.

Every Redick and Korver agenda ever. Even admitting I've chock-full application Korver bcoz he doesn't accept Top rated cards. He has consistently been burst for me and Redick is irreplaceable.

Back if I was still architecture my franchise, I anticipation 86 SB Lillard (BM) was the best amateur in the game, now I got the 97 TOTW.

Supremacy LeBron, out of all my lineups. Now, if we're talking lineup-specific: Cutting Calendar - Giannis. Dammit, this dude can annual anywhere/anyhow over anyone... until he gets to the 3pt line. He's my arresting stopper.

Small Brawl Calendar - Bron Bron.

Big Man Calendar - I use it absolute little, but Klay is my guy, I aswell accept Kawhi.

Defensive Calendar - Giannis for the aforementioned affidavit I acquaint about him in the cutting lineup.

Two-Way Calendar - It's gotta be either Klay or Steph.

The two I accept are Playoffs PG Giannis (91 OVR) for my Cutting Calendar and NBA Awards SF Giannis (94 OVR) for my Arresting Lineup.

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