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NBA Live - I reinstalled about 14 TIMES

I've acquaint this 13 Hours ago, and my bold still will not load. I reinstalled about 14 TIMES! I've approved about aggregate annihilation seems to work.

When I beggarly reinstalled, I beggarly even if I reinstalled and opened the bold it still got ashore on "Reading Scout Report" 14 TIMES! Anyone advice a.s.a.p

Another affair could be that u are connecting/connected to a VPN, this bold doesn't alive with any VPNs.

Idk what buzz u use, but if u acclimated iPhone and acclimated gamecenter to login to NBA live, ability ur buzz off afresh about-face it aback on, sometimes gamecenter freezes for no reason.

Had the aforementioned botheration a while ago and I had to log out and aback in to the Bold Center app on the buzz afresh it worked.

The added column had 4 replies. Did you apprehend them and try everything? Did you acquaintance EA support? This subreddit is not the absolute support, just added humans academic from if we've had agnate issues.

Anyone actuality play NBA Live by EA? There is no box account in the game. It's something abounding humans acquire requested in approaching versions.

Unlike 2k stats aren't in actuality kept because the bots aren't in actuality accepting any better. No bulk how far you'll get in this game, division amateur are mostly abandoned and useless.

Bots get better. I adore division amateur every now and then, accident the boards with Ming or authoritative a blend of a ancillary with Iverson. Some humans do play for fun you relize.

The AI does get bigger stats of Cheap NBA Live Coins. My opponents in division are like additional 18 to three carbon categories now.