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NBA Live - I got Sixth Man today

Played accolade champ Live accident for about 70 times now and I still can't get the sixth man. How attenuate is this?

I just arrested and I've completed the AW Barter 127 times and Collectible Barter 317 times. I aboriginal got Sixth Man and Sportsmanship months ago, maybe over the summer, but put them in the Curry set, which I accept yet to complete.

I got Sixth Man today for abandoned the additional time. Sportsmanship I got bygone for the additional time. These accidental collectibles in Playoff packs are appealing alarming and I'm still down to physique and use AW players.

Now I accept to adjudge on AW Kawhi or Butler, anniversary of whom would alter 85ers (namely Countdown Wiggins and International Barbosa) who were already the best guys in my calendar but could use a refresh.

I got abandoned one. In about 40-50 attempts. It's appealing rare. That, Sportsmanship and Finals Rookie MVP. It turns out you accept added adventitious to get it from Playoff sets.

Have gotten it alert from playoffs sets but 0 from accomplishing the contest and the barter (44 times).

I don't apperceive but the aforementioned had happened to me and anyone in my league. I spam it every time it comes up, do the accolade winners barter and everything, and yet can't get that collectible.

You'd anticipate it would be the a lot of accepted because every abecedarian requires it.

I aswell played adjoin anyone with accolade winners leonard of NBA Live Mobile Coins, so I apperceive it's possible.