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NBA Live - I did the finals amateur set

Now that finals sets are out, what is anybody traveling to do with their pickems? Searching like maybe accepting a few elites for 50 anniversary and affairs them in AH? Idk, what you guys traveling to do with them?

Remember, you can abandoned do the NBA Finals Aces 'em set (50 aces 'ems for an NBA Finals Aristocratic player) 1x only.

Only once, i was gonna dump all my pickems there...now what?

Noticed that. Bummer. Oh well, there's added opportunities to get finals elites. I did the finals amateur set and awash the amateur for 800k NBA Live Adaptable Coins.

Holy assurance batman, I was aggressive and besetting and acclimated 50 of my 120 pickems on the aristocratic finals amateur and got a 92 all-embracing Tristan Thompson and afresh got a accolade for accepting I anticipate 70 aristocratic players and got an 87 Lebron James fo free. Yeahhhh boiiii.

The division does not end if the division does. If it does displace it will be at the alpha of the next season.

In the beggarly time will accept abstract and assorted added promos like position heroes during this time. This is how anger adaptable works which is the exact aforementioned bold just football instead of basketball.

Again though, why Chauncey and Shaq? I admiration how they fabricated that decision. What about a abstract promo?

Wonder if I should advertise my adept harden. And get some profit.

You will they are affairs for a acceptable mil. Architecture coffer is about 800k and resell for about 1.2 mil NBA Live Mobile Coins.