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Apr-10-2017 Categories: news

Im not a Ben Simmons hater, but I don't anticipate a amateur who never even played a individual NBA bold should get a 92 ovr card. Even if they were to put him, i'm afraid they put him afore some rookies like Saric and Brogdon.

Y'all forgot he has a advocacy with EA, and EA has his rights to accomplish his cards.

I accept been acquisitive for a RS saric or brogdon for some time now, I do accede that simmons has abeyant but he has not apparent us that he can Live up to it yet.

Yea they fabricated him appealing alarming for anyone that hasn't played at all.He's not a ascent star, he's not even rising. He ability be a fable amateur in the approaching but appear on, the guy hasn't played.

Naw, he grew like an inch aback he was drafted. That's counts as rising, right?

I accessible my added Pro Packs whenever a circadian or account cold requires a gold, argent or brownish amateur to be collected. And if there are no objectives for the day/week like that, I just accumulate them. Waiting for a acceptable cull in the next few days or if accept a promo.

Same with TOTW, premium, and Motivators accumulate them until a abundant agenda or players comes out.

7, assumption I should alpha extenuative up for a backing day.I started aperture em an this was a abhorrent abstraction been goin for like an hour.

Should accept waited till the playoffs, how abounding do you accept left? Still 46 so not to bad...gunna delay now, NBA Live Coins would accept accomplished if didnt yield so continued so assumption it angry out be good.