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NBA Live - Did this aswell happened to you

I was arena h2h and the adversary was arch with 9-10. Bold comatose and I started the bold again. I capital to abide the bold but it said that he is arch 9-19 and I can't abide my turn.

Yeah they did that to stop humans from force closing during h2h. If you force abutting or the app crashes or you get logged out, the bold gives your adversary 10pts and you 0.

The bold in actuality awards your adversary abundant credibility so that they win the division by 10.

That agency if you were up 20-2 and lose connection, the division will end with a annual of 20-32.

When it happened to me the division had just started if the app comatose so I got 0-10.

And I in actuality like your videos man, learnt some in actuality acceptable accepting from it.

Did they change it to aboriginal time now? cuz u commonly acquire a additional chance.

I anticipate they did because, what happened to the op happened to me too like a ages ago.

Well endure anniversary i got kicked out of a LvL bold and was able to appear aback and play it, aforementioned with H2H. alone got the 0-10 if it happened twice.

Lvl still seems accomplished for me , I this h2h affair acquire to be a glitch.

Its about the aforementioned abstraction so should be the aforementioned for both.

That's why I said it ability be a glitch.

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