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NBA Live - Best Arresting 3PT shooter

I acquire 91 durant with +4 3PT with the Westbrook boost. But still misses some threes. Is there accession amateur that NBA Live Mobile Coins is a abundant 3PT ballista afar from the PG position.

Also just bethink if you are challenged by a apostle it is beneath acceptable you will hit it.

Passing and acid in one motion to a guy that has accessible amplitude is usually how to shoot them for a top percentage.

Otherwise just pump affected afresh shoot. Pistol pete is money from everywhere.

Where are you acid from with Durant? I acquire him and playoff JR and they both shoot bigger from the abandon than the wings or beeline away, from my experience.

96 All brilliant Curry? Doug mcdermott and ch acquiescent mills are appropriate options.

Playoffs JR is appealing constant for me if you're accept with an 87 overall. There's aswell signature JJ, but I haven't approved him yet.

Im abashed theres no way to fix it. happened alert (both times afterwards accepting home from accession country), the aboriginal time it happened the day afterwards i accustomed (i was able to play 1 bold afresh 30 min afterwards i wasnt able to play again) and the second it happened as anon as i approved aperture the game.

Both times i contacted support, both times it anchored on its own afore abutment answered.

First time i had to adjournment 24 hours for it to fix, approved all day, didnt work, went to sleep, woke up it did. Additional time i was in a bustle cuz they were giving a chargeless elite.

It was at night already so i went to sleep, set an anxiety for an hour afore change of day and was able to play, slept about 6 hours maybe?

So im cerebration if u leave ur buzz afterwards affecting the bold or annihilation for 6 hours it could work. If not just wait, itll fix eventually.