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NBA Live - Anyone elses aces ems disappear

The picks I fabricated bygone save who wins the bold are not called anymore, but I didn't get my picks back.

The sets are carefully repeatable now, you didn't lose your pick'ems. The abandoned ones not repeatable are the "which aggregation wins" sets. It bureau you can coffer on one outcome. Put all your eggs in one basket, so NBA Live Mobile Coins to speak.

I even acclimated a Gold Pickem from beforehand in the playoffs...great...I don't apperceive why but the sets are reusable.

I don't see what's with EA and Kyrie. I'm no agnosticism a fan of him, but even I anticipate that there are far too abounding Kyrie cards in the bold now.

EA should accede accepting cards of a array of players instead of the aforementioned few (Kyrie, Steph, KD). While we're on the affair of cards- how on apple did Klay Thompson get a CF Adept card?

Would you rather Kevon Looney get the WCF adept card? Anyone else's keypad absolutely messed up if aggravating to ascribe prices on android?

I can abandoned see 1 through 6, I apperceive humans had been accepting issues with not accepting able to use the annul button before,curious if this is just me, it was accomplished endure night.

I accept the 98 russell already but should I advertise him now and buy afterwards or just accumulate him? Will his amount drop. Rn. hes account 5.5 mil.

His amount is already falling appealing quick. It ability even out to area it will not get abundant cheaper.

I don't see it traveling beneath than 3 mil. It will acceleration afresh afterwards the promo ends if you can no best body him.