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Jul-01-2017 Categories: news

Apparently you can accept 2 LeBrons now...I had Ghost KD and the Accolade Champ KD in Shooting afore I got the 99 Lebron.

I just saw a dude in a LvL bout active an SB calendar with two Korvers. I acclimated to accept that lineup to Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins.

I could consistently play the bequest point bouncer with the advanced Lebron - something about altered jersey number/team.

It's about the team. I don't anticipate the TB cards accept the aggregation info, so the database and the software will not anticipate you from application the aforementioned players in the aforementioned lineup.

You can allegedly do the aforementioned affair with the MM KD agenda and the NBA Ruler KD agenda in the Big Man Lineup.

Also, I affirm I saw that 'Bron TB agenda with a college OVR. Isn't there a 97OVR one?

Can you verify that? I'd adulation to use two Durants in that lineup!

I candidly can't verify it. Because I don't accept either card. I'm traveling by my approach of the "No Logo On The Agenda Allows You to Use The Aforementioned Amateur in The Aforementioned Lineup".

Yea there is a 97 ovr lebron tb.

Confirmed that by traveling to MMOgo.COM. Why would they accomplish two TB cards for the aforementioned amateur in the aforementioned position with two altered OVRs?

No abstraction I consistently wondered that nba live mobile coins for free.

The 97 ovr one is the agenda you could get in the aboriginal 24 hours afterwards absolution and afterwards the 24 hours you can abandoned get the 95 ovr card.