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May-14-2018 Categories: news

Anyone accept a assay of Playoff Moments 97 Dirk? I haven't apparent any accoutrement acclamation whether he's account his weight in coins. Anyone accept acquaintance with him? Offense, defense, AI - whatever you've got.

I accept the 97 Dirk. He basically plays like a Legacy Dirk for the Archetypal lineup. As a accepted rule, I wouldn't get the Playoff Moments Master if you accept a Showdowb amateur in the aforementioned position (unless you ambition a ample bank or you ambition to advertise the Showdown card.)

I don't anticipate I'd acclaim affairs Dirk either unless you can abstract him. He's adequate but he's not account spending all your coins on.

My abhorrence is that he plays just like Legacy Dirk, which absolutely is not complete absorbing for me. I like to boggle and agreement with altered cards.

I'll apparently try to ambition Specialist Duncan instead (the specialist cards are by far my a lot of favourite in the game).

Does anyone abroad accept a stud advocacy besides 97 Dirk and 95 Duncan? Not absolutely absorbed in Detlef.

I aswell accept Specialist Duncan. I would say that the aberration beheeen them is that Duncan is abundant stronger at demography it to the rim admitting Dirk is a connected three point threat. You can yield the casual three arrow with Duncan but Dirk is a three point advantage every cruise down tbe floor.

Dirk rebounds able-bodied because of his height. Duncan is no slouch but Dirk seems busier on the boards. I absolutely like Duncan. He is a hardly beneath able adaptation of POTM Davis.

By tha way, I've been traveling aback and alternating with my archetypal lineups amid showdown Detlef and specialist Duncan, and I anticipate Duncan will now abide a accoutrement in my starting lineup.

I adulation Detlef's altercation adeptness from downtown, but specialist Duncan has angry out to be the best advance acquaintance I've played with—whether it's switching assimilate Simmons to beat his clamp attempt, abnegation column shots, or, my favorite, sending aback those layup and douse attempts that with a bottom big man I ability be giving up cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins on the play.

I aswell acclimatized on specialist Duncan. He's just all about solid, and is a adequate accompaniment to specialist Bosh.

I aswell didn't ambition a PF that basically acquainted like Legacy Dirk, who I accept acclimated for months now.