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NBA Live - 90 Laettner or 96 laettner

90 Laettner or 96 laettner? I ambition to advance in my baby brawl calendar and I currently accept 90 laettner (who I love).

I'm apprehensive how abundant bigger the 96 laettner is? If he's a lot bigger I'm down to cull the activate on one, if it's just a baby aberration I may stick with the 90 one or try out totw dirk.

I accept 96 Laettner but I never had the 90 one before. He's wet anywhere central the 3 point line, and drains annihilation at specific spots abaft the three point band too.

Plays abundant defence and the 15% bread addition isn't bare either. Idk about 90 but I don't affliction affairs him.

90 Laettner is basically dirk, never approved out the 96 one though. The botheration with top rated players is they get nerfed.

An archetype would be that the 96 back-scratch isn't as acceptable as the 90 or even the 88 curry.

And 93 Dragic, 93 Isaiah or 94 Wall? Who do you advance for the baby brawl PG? Who has all-embracing bigger stats.

Dude you charge to get bequest 93 Damian Lillard he is beast. I got him for 500k NBA Live Coins.

TBH I acclimated all three, for me Dragic and Wall were in actuality good, Thomas gets generally blocked active to the bassinet and sometimes even cutting three pointers.

Personally I would go for Dragic, in actuality acceptable three, can posterize, and abduct appealing good. Wall for me just can't assume to hit threes, can posterize, baleful midrange and amazing layups.

I already accept Thompson, Korver and Laettner so not too agog about 3pt ability. Just searching to advance my 89 Stockton who's acceptable but he's not 94.