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NBA Live 18 - Will there anytime be agenda alteration for Live 18

Because I'm done with The One now. It was the sole acumen why I bought the game. But now that I accomplished them, there isn't abundant abroad to do that I adore besides Authorization Mode.

I like to adapt my league, so it is actual arresting to not be able to even artlessly change the bulk of a amateur I accept just acquired.

In short, will there anytime be agenda editing? Because if not, I affliction accepting this game.

If The One was your sole acumen for affairs the game, and you enjoyed it while it lasted, why do you affliction affairs it? With your logic, we should affliction affairs every bold afterwards we're done with them.

As for your question, a chargeless agents account was added in the rosters lately. This may beggarly that agenda alteration is coming.

Whatever the case, it's about time they added such a abominable requested feature, or at atomic explained to us why it hasn't been added yet afterwards all those years. Maybe there is a licensing botheration or whatever.

And what's amiss with the attempt meter!? I just best up Live off the Playstation Store for $23 bygone and I approved acid online.

And the beat has a huge ass delay, even if acid chargeless throws in The One mode. It wasn't like that in the audience and I've played that extensively. It's arresting as hell.

If I ambition a adventitious at authoritative a attempt online, I accept to absolution the button if the attempt beat starts filling. You charge to get acclimated to the timing, although this depends on your latency.

Even offline there is a baby but apparent adjournment (input delay?), banishment you to absolution the button a atom of a added afore you commonly would.

It's consistently been like this for me in NBA Live 18. It wasn't a botheration offline during the audience but in the abounding bold it's atrocious. I achievement there's a fix ASAP, I accept way beneath cessation and lag on 2K.

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