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Sep-10-2017 Categories: news

I don't anticipate Durant had a chargeless course to an NBA tile. He was the Finals MVP and was ascendant throughout the playoffs. He was the best amateur on the best aggregation in the league.

It's not that aberrant for a amateur to ask for a barter or leave via chargeless bureau and anatomy a appellation adversary with added All-Stars.

That's been accident for decades. In 1968, for example, the Sixers became the aboriginal aggregation to lose a alternation they were arch 3-1 and Chamberlain accepted a barter that beatific him to LA to play with Jerry West and Elgin Baylor.

What makes Durant's case aberrant is that he abutting a aggregation that had already been badly successful.

When Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen abutting up with Pierce in Boston all three of them had toiled abroad for years on teams that arguably weren't as acceptable as OKC.

They were the aboriginal acknowledged air-conditioned aggregation of the avant-garde era but the Warriors are acutely on a absolutely altered akin accustomed their abeyant to repeat.

One affair ink you can't do is analyze Durant to Bird, Magic or Jordan. They played on teams that were ample in allegory to today's NBA.

He's added comparable, I think, to Barkley analytic for a ring in '93 or Mose Malone abutting the Sixers in '83.

Durant went analytic for a ring just like Lebron did if he went to Miami. Its absurd to anticipate he'd go to a worse aggregation than OKC and physique it into a champ like the adventurous fantasy humans acquire of Jordan.

He was alway traveling to go to a contender. He just went to the amount one contender.

Sometimes I ambition we never blew the 3-1 lead. If we'd won the '16 championship, we would never acquire gotten Durant. That would acquire been fine.

I feel like even if you guys did win, Durant would of still gone, and that would of just fabricated it worse. (Atleast Curry would of threepeated tho)

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