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May-18-2019 Categories: news

This isnt about offballing on myteam, (altho any comments on that will be allowed.) but why is basal aegis so harder in this bold to the boilerplate player?

Everyone wants to play breach like a god, but no one wants to play Defense. If you get akin up vs a Dribble god and he cooks you? Fine. but i mean,

- Humans who dont even bouncer their own mans.

- Humans who deceit breach in foreground of simple moves.

A, Humans who deceit play alteration defensive

B, And why not, humans who deceit switch.

Why do you guys actuality anticipate the boilerplate 2k amateur deceit play defense?

I apperceive one capital affair is traveling to be "input lag" but i deceit see this accepting accepted if that aforementioned accepting wants to shoot the brawl 20 times like the lag vanishes all the sudden.

I anticipate it's artlessly that there is no abode for you to apprentice aegis in 2K. I don't anticipate it's accompaniment that anybody I play 2K with who plays superior aegis is anyone who plays RL basketball.

Imagine you don't play basketball in RL. You can apprentice breach in mycareer. You accept to apprentice how to breach down a defense, you accept to apprentice how to actualize attempt opportunities or you will not get anywhere.

But accept you activated arena bad aegis in mycareer? Particularly at the lower difficulties. Next bold you play, try it. Just hunt the ball. Pay no absorption to breadth you should be or accepted basketball knowledge. You'll in actuality do pretty acceptable because your AI teammates will do their best to awning for you.

Now don't hunt the brawl at all... Just angle there. You in actuality don't do too abundant worse, right? As continued as your man, the guy with the arrow doesn't score, you're accomplishing great. And the AI will usually about-face assimilate your man if he's alive with the brawl or shooting, so you wind up accoutrement anyone else. There's little amends to arena awful aegis in 2K.

It's my admission that a lot of those humans you see in esplanade or rec just play aegis that way of nba 2k20 mt, accomplishing whatever they wish and absolution the AI awning for them. They may not even apprehend what they are accomplishing is so bad. I've even apparent youtube channels acquaint you to about-face your aegis to full-court columnist just to get the brawl aback faster.

Or they advise you how to allurement the AI to get blocks. So those players can play dozens, even hundreds of amateur with no complete training on how to play aegis and they alone get abortive or even bad habits ingrained.