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​NBA 2K20 - Online my alliance problem

news Oct-05-2019

​NBA 2K20 - Online my alliance problem

So my associate and I started an online my alliance authorization endure night. We chose to accommodate the off analysis to alpha it off.

There was no affair with that nba 2k20 mt coins, we did the abstract (I am the knicks and I won the activity so accepting Zion is a abundant way to alpha this franchise).

After the off analysis was done, we got our new agenda for the season. We both played a adventurous afresh I noticed an issue.

I was in the aloof page and the abstract chic was the aforementioned as the one we just did. Zion was sitting at the top again.

I anticipation an simple fix it would be just to bulk a new abstract class. I downloaded a new chic from the association and that botheration was fixed.

However I accept a new botheration now. The abstract chic I just downloaded is aswell accessible in chargeless agency. I can in actuality assurance any amateur I just downloaded if I want.

Has anyone had this botheration afore and if so, what did you do to fix it?