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​NBA 2K20 - My Long Wishlist for 2k20

news Jun-13-2019

​NBA 2K20 - My Long Wishlist for 2k20

1, Reduce Microtransactions - VC is obviously here to stay and isn't going anywhere. 18 and 19 were riddled all over with Microtransactions, so let's at least lessen those for 2k20.

2, Park/ Neighborhood, Affiliations or Changing Neighborhood - I definitely enjoyed the different courts and places back in 2k16 and 17. In 18 and 19 it was boring seeing the same old neighborhood everyday. They also should bring back stuff like Rival Day and getting boosts for specific Affiliations. However, if they choose not to, can we please get a changing neighborhood? Like if it's Winter, we should at least have some snow or if it's Easter, maybe have eggs around, simple stuff like that. Remove ranks or add a casual park at least. If we're waiting for a game on the court, can we shoot around like the CPU does in Court Conqueror? Remove Park Ranks or if you're gonna keep them, make them based off amount of games played. Show our Teammate Grade or FG % in our last 20 games or so. Give us a normal 1v1 court in the Park. Also give us back a 4v4 Court. We should be able to ride bikes and stuff in the Park. Have separate stats for each build we play on. Keep the Park Events and add more, such as Rival Day and Mountain Dew. Bring back Park Leaderboards. Also can I see my streaks on the court?

3, Make MyCareer Fun Again! - It's boring having to cheese the CPU over and over again. Make us play REAL BASKETBALL, not abuse the CPU. Give us double rep for Playoff Games, All-Star Weekend, and key All-Star Matchups (You play as a SF, you get double rep for playing against a All-Star at your position). Have MyCareer leaderboards against your friends and OFFLINE MYCAREER. I want to have the choice whether to be drafted or to come into the league undrafted. Can we please play in College and High School again? Let's stop with the stupid storylines. Kobe and several other HOF players lived and breathed in the Gym, so why should I have a limit on drills in the Practice Facility? Update MyCareer rosters to trades that happen IRL! Be able to play in different eras in MyCareer, it'd be cool to play in the 1989 NBA season in MyCareer. Summer League?

4, Endorsements,MyCourt, Clothing, Jerseys, and Accessories- Once I get a shoe deal with a company, that means all of the shoes should be free. Customs, Park, Pro-Am, all of those shoes should be free. Make it like 2k18 where I can let my checks stack up. I like the idea of Throwback Thursday, but can we please make the jerseys a bit cheaper? Can we also add some more Throwback jerseys in-game such as 1962 Bullets or 1972 Hawks. Can we get more Adidas Clothing in-game? For once, I would like to wear Compression shirts under our jerseys. Could we tuck our Jerseys in if it matches our shorts? Jerseys with a Hoodie or a shirt would be cool too. This might be over the top, but can we have Jetbacks, Hoverboards, Bikes, Skateboards, and Scooters and Tigers back? Can Mascots make our players bigger or at least the height of our normal players? Keep Short Shorts, goggles, and the Wacky Wednesday stuff. Can we have a shooting machine in our MyCourt? Can we also have a full sized court and be able to change our animations in our MyCourt. Have the ability to play PlayNow or All-Star Team Up with our friends from the MyCourt. Also shouldn't take so damn long for them to get there. Keep the Daily Spin, but boost the rewards for VC and Clothes just a bit. Give us back the T-Shirt Kiosk. Allow us to put custom images onto shoes as well.

5, Jordan Rec/ Pro-Am - Can I please change the color of my goddamn accessories? Change the limit to 3 instead of a full 5. If you're gonna allow squads in the Rec, match them against other squads. Instead of jerseys, we should be able to wear park clothing in the Jordan Rec center. Can it please not take years to find a game once you get into the higher ranks of Pro-Am?

6, PNO and ASTU- Just straight up take away tiers, they're terrible. If I pick a All-Time or Retro Team, I should match up against another All-time team. Stop giving me a loss when my opponent quits! Give us leaderboards for All-Star Team Up. Add more teams and players for both game modes. Reward players for staying in the game when it comes to All-Star Team Up. Give us a opponent scouting report?

7, Gameplay- Could we please fix alot of latency in several game modes? Can I stop getting blocked by a guys ass? Punish people more for jumping or falling for fakes. There has to be a way for me to choose to go under or over a screen, I'm tired of getting sucked into random animations. NO MORE WIDE OPEN MISSED LAYUPS. Fix the stamina for guards, I get tired after two moves of nba 2k20 mt. Remove the D-pad glitch and L2 Cheese out the game. If you're not gonna take out zig-zagging, give us a bump and gather animation when we cut them off. Kawhi doesn't contest people by breathing next to them, neither should Locks or any other build in-game. Put more emphasis on mismatches : If I got a guard or a smaller man, it should be BBQ chicken. If I got a big on me and I'm a guard, I should easily be blowing right by him. People should lose more takeover for bad shots and turnovers. Tone down the takeover for Post Scorers at least. People should be punished more heavily for spamming or reaching or going for passing lane steals. Can people stop tipping passes without looking at the ball? Bigs should be more vulnerable to getting the ball stripped in the post and when they're dribbling. Can non-shooting builds not be able to shoot consistently? If I wanted to shoot, I would've put sharpshooting in my build. Punish people for passing out of shots more, no one should be throwing cross court passes midway through their jumper. Give us a post hook and a Post Fade badge again. SMOTHERED SHOULD NOT GO IN. Take out Post Push-off cheese. No bigs should be having dribble moves.