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​NBA 2K20 - I Am Tired of the Aristocratic Shaming in 2K

news Jul-07-2019

​NBA 2K20 - I Am Tired of the Aristocratic Shaming in 2K

Pro and Aristocratic ranked players, both in the esplanade and in the rec, are criticized to an acutely arbitrary amount on this subreddit. A lot of of the criticism, ironically, comes from amateurs and humans who are just collapsed out bad at the game. I'd like to affectation two questions pertaining to 2K.

1, Should pros and elites, players who accept formed harder to get acceptable assistant grades and win games, be criticized for not absent to play on the aforementioned aggregation as amateurs?

2, Do amateurs accept a appropriate to be affronted if they footfall on the dots in esplanade and pros and elites either footfall off or run appropriate by them?

If your acknowledgment is yes to either of these, I anticipate you should amend the abstraction of 2K as a game.

For starters, this is a basketball game. Basketball is a aggregation sport. The ambition for both teams in every basketball bold anytime played is to win the game. It's not to see who can put up the a lot of contested shots, who can breach the a lot of ankles, or who can hit the coolest brawl move afterwards something as atomic as a poked brawl or a fast breach dunk. Why should players of pro and aristocratic cachet be subjected to accepting on the aforementioned aggregation as players who do not play the bold to win? In my experience arena with amateurs, I accept fatigued 3 conclusions.

1, They do not affliction whether their aggregation wins or loses the game, so continued as they accrue stats.

2, They accept little to no compassionate of how the bold itself or basketball as a action works.

3, They are added anxious with assuming off their apparel and brawl moves than they are with arena basketball.

I am proposing that 2K bans amateurs from entering the aforementioned parks as pros and elites. Amateurs should be banned from arena with and adjoin pros and elites in any bold approach until they win abundant abecedarian in their own sessions to become pros. I accept that by accomplishing this, three things would happen.

1, Amateurs could put up as abounding contested shots as they want, about-face the brawl over as abounding times as they want, and hit as abounding brawl moves as they wish afterwards jeopardizing anyone who in fact enjoys arena the game's record.

2, Pros and elites would accept a bigger all-embracing basketball experience, and wouldn't be able to addition wins by assault up on amateurs who are abundantly bad at the game.

3, Pros and elites would not be subjected to arena with amateurs or active abroad and cat-and-mouse even best for a bold because an abecedarian stepped on the spots with them.

Simply put, amateurs ruin the 2K acquaintance in the esplanade and in the rec centermost by accepting bad at the bold and not caring about or alive how to win. It would be best for the constancy of the authorization as a accomplished if amateurs were not allowed to play with or adjoin pros/elites until they won abundant abecedarian adjoin adolescent amateurs to become pros.

Please let me apperceive your thoughts in the comments.