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​NBA 2K20 - Average Walk-On PG Check List

news Oct-06-2019

​NBA 2K20 - Average Walk-On PG Check List

- Averages beneath than 3 ast per game.

- Averages beneath Ast than the PF and Center.

- Consistently runs abroad from the big man on in bound and afterwards rebounds.

- Excessive use of the chat "bro".

- Has some aberration of xXxXx in their user name.

- Gives up 25 points. All blooming acrimonious and atom up 3s.

- Yells "that should accept went in, bro" while he shoots with 3 humans about him.

- Drives into paint. Gets Blocked.

- Wears gloves.

- Doesn't apperceive how to bandy an Alley oop.

- Calls the big men debris if they both accept 15pts/15rebs amateur currently and cutting 85 percent.

- Dribbles ancillary to ancillary for 18 seconds.

- Says to gard Jo mans as he gives up addition blooming acrimonious dunk.

- Assuredly passes you the ball. 4 abnormal too late.

- Calls you debris if you don't try to shoot over 2 bigs afterwards he assuredly passes.

- Should accept been a green, bro. 2k is broken!

- Thinks bigs should abandoned set picks and get rebounds.