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​NBA 2K20 - All Brilliant Teamup Hidden Players

news May-13-2019

​NBA 2K20 - All Brilliant Teamup Hidden Players

I'm one of the few humans who absorb a lot of of their time arena All brilliant aggregation up and my alliance and what I acquire came to apprehension in my time arena all brilliant teamup is that assertive players tend to acquire backups who are bigger than them.

I acquire begin some and will account them beneath and I ambition to apperceive how abounding players you ability acquire found. (Players beneath a 79 all-embracing I just listed as no backup)


All Time/Historic Players Secret Backups (ALL STAR) AT - All time H - Historic

AT Tom Gugliatta - 96 Elgin Baylor

AT Antonio Davis - 87 Kevin Willis

AT Wally Sczezbiak - 90 Allen Iverson

AT Mike Conley - 79 Bobby Jackson

AT Mark Jackson - 87 Hershey Hawkins

AT Sam Cassell - 84 Jason Terry

H Byron Scott - 86 Micheal Cooper

AT Tom Chambers - 88 Andrei Kirelinko

AT Luol Deng - 80 Chic Kukoc

AT Buck Williams - 88 Bob Love

Paul Pressey - 71 Kobe's Dad

H Amar'e Stoudemire - Nobody

AT Rik Smits - Nobody

AT Elton Brand - Nobody

AT Brook Lopez - Nobody

Shawn Kemp - Nobody

AT Maurice Cheeks - Nobody

H Scottie Pippen (Blazers) - Nobody

AT Eddie Jones - Nobody

AT K.C. Jones - Nobody

H Jeremy Lin - Nobody

AT Mark Aguirre - Nobody

AT Kemba Walker - Nobody

AT Chic Allen - Nobody

AT Danny GrMadden - Nobody

AT Derek Harper - Nobody