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Jun-10-2019 Categories: news

Not abiding if this has been discussed before, but I had an abstraction apropos an Classic solution.

Instead of architecture your amateur based on archetypes, what about based on absolute players? So basically acquire like 100 players in the database to acquire from, accomplished and present. You aces your height/weight/wingspan, but your Classic is a mix of 2 or 3 altered nba players.

I feel like a lot of people's bigger problems with the bold is that you aren't able to actualize your amateur to resemble how your admired irl amateur plays, this would breach that problem.

You could aswell go about authentic with it, i don't anticipate absolutely authentic players would be good, but maybe 2/3 of the archetypes could be one amateur if you capital to? instead of say, traveling jokic/draymond/nurkic, you could go jokic/jokic/draymond.

It would aswell be based on position, you could abandoned mix players aural your position, or maybe your position additional one up or down?

I don't know, there are a lot of data I'd wish to amount out first, I absolutely just anticipation of this. I anticipate the coolest way to go about it would be a primary Classic like this year, afresh two secondary's.


I do in actuality adulation the Classic concept, but 100% accede that the botheration is that everyone's axle needs to be the same. I anticipate some tweaking to the accepted arrangement can get us there.

Example: If you are a authentic amplitude I don't apperception the air-conditioned 3PT accurateness IF you're aswell the slowest, a lot of unathletic amateur on the cloister with 0 aegis or handles. In my mind, a authentic amplitude IRL is just a bolt and shoot amateur and that should be reflected in the game.

I accomplishment 2k don't apprehend accepting like this and just adjudge to do abroad with it entirely. I like creating something abandoned aural the borders of archetypes, but I charge to acquire the carelessness to in actuality accomplish what I want.

I just wish to be able to be a beast, it feels like anybody but a authentic sharp/stretch or aciculate play is characterless arena adjoin mediocre. I wish superstars arena adjoin superstars, I wish the bold to be a bloodbath in the best way possible. I wish my superstar physique and 4 added superstar builds(all altered to anniversary added because of a added array of Classic options) adverse off adjoin a aggregation appropriately as amazing.

Also, the gameplay needs to be added fluid, it's so abuse rigid of best nba 2k20 mt store. You in actuality can't run alongside anymore, you just airing alongside like you are ascent the ancillary of a building.