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​NBA 2K19 - The approaching of 2K needs some austere adjustments

news Apr-19-2019

​NBA 2K19 - The approaching of 2K needs some austere adjustments

Alright, so this is my 1st column on Reddit, so apprehend me out. This is absolutely the read, advance if you wish to.

The adjacency is air-conditioned abstraction to anticipate about. Aggregate you charge to do for your MyPlayer is all appropriate there in one spot, mitigating loading screens, seeing added online players to accomplish the adjacency feel "alive", and just authoritative you feel like you're in an "open-world". In actuality, the adjacency has done added abuse than acceptable to the MyPark and MyPlayer.

Let's alpha with the MyPark. The MyPark has acutely absent its blow in contempo years. 2k15 and 2k16 are the best years of MyPark and they didn't accept to do much. A agglomeration of courts, 3 on 3s, 2 on 2s, and amateur of 21. Also, a few contest here and there. Now I wasn't too addicted of The Rec Centermost on 2k15, because amateur took WAYYYY too continued to get into. You could potentially be cat-and-mouse for 20 MINUTES to get into a bold if all the courts were full, but I anticipation it was air-conditioned thing for humans who enjoyed it. BUT I did adore the MyPark Championship. The three parks traveling at it to see who will appear out on top in the end. Your esplanade amalgamation afflicted your player's stats like, if you were from Rivet City, which I was, you would get a addition to your Athlete and Rebound stats. Old Boondocks had Playmaking and Arresting and Sunset had Central and Alfresco cutting bonuses. This blazon of adjustment apparently could be apparent as a "problem" now, but aback afresh it made every Esplanade assume unique.

2K17 is what in fact fucked aggregate up. 2K accomplished how accepted MyPark was and that people's characters were overpowered, so they added in the alarming Archetypes. In 2k16 you had a archetype, but your stats weren't EXTREMELY afflicted by your choice. You could be an Inside, Outside, or Counterbalanced player. If you were an Central scorer you would still be able to shoot good, mt nba 2k19 but not as abundant as an alfresco build. Now in 2k17, you had to accomplish a big accommodation to abandoned be abundant at ONE affair and characterless at aggregate else, attached your MyPlayer from accepting ya apperceive MY PLAYER. The point of MyPlayer or MyCareer is to for me to be able to be the greatest amateur ever. I wish my amateur to be able to do everything.

Why can't my appearance be like Lebron, Kobe, or Michael Jordan? They could do everything, why can't I? But in 2k17 the bold was still fun even admitting it seemed they didn't accord a abuse about the MyPark. They had accord us the aforementioned parks from 2K16 and The Championships for 2K17 didn't beggarly anything. Rivet City-limits won the championship for this year and accustomed annihilation new, clashing the antecedent years.

2K18 played us all like some abuse fools. We all saw the bivouac for the Adjacency and we flocked to preorder the game. The adjacency seemed air-conditioned at the time, but afterwards on accepted to be absolute annoying for our players. It advance everything out that you acclimated to be able to do from your alpha button. You wish to buy an outfit? Go airing your appearance for 30 abnormal down the street. You wish a tattoo? Go do the aforementioned thing. The adjacency aswell messed up the simple things were able to do in MyPark. Antecedent amateur if you had a bad bold and were angrily removed from the game, you could just delay about and watch your aggregation until the bold was over and you would be put on sidelines afterwards the bold was over. Now with 2K18, you had a bad bold you kicked aback to home screen. If you basic to change your animations or clothes, you accept to get off your atom and do it now. But now at atomic you had 2 archetypes to accept from, sounds bigger right ? Actually, you'd be amiss :0. The two archetypes fabricated the bold even added aggravating, acutely affecting your added stats. About authoritative you debris at annihilation that wasn't in your archetype.

2K19 is the end of 2K for me personally. I accept never been so aloof in a bold so bound before. I played this bold for about a month, afresh gave up. The lies they accept told us and an all-embracing abridgement of affliction by the developers fabricated me not a fan anymore. Like LYING TO US and adage they were traveling to calibration aback on the VC if THEY MADE IT EVEN WORSE. Skateboards were FREE!!! Now they bulk 60,000 VC! How the hell are we traveling to access that. Oh yeah you could just pay $20 on top of the $60 you already paid for the game. The bullwork of your amateur has become even WORSE. Afresh they advance your Amateur into the NBA so bound that you'll wish to be acceptable appropriate abroad instead of sucking your accomplished season. If you want to fix this just buy some VC that'll add addition $40 on top of the $60 just to max your amateur out.

Let's allocution about this years neighborhood. In this adjacency EVERYTHING IS RIGHT THERE IN THE SAME SPOT. The barbershop, the gym, your abode (which I anticipate is just abortive at this point), the Rec Centermost that anybody basic aback so bad, the MyTeam, Beneath Armour Cages that blast my bold every time, and the a lot of important of them all the Park, which is put appropriate in the centermost of this aboveboard of a town. With aggregate so intermingled, I hardly see anyone in this park.

The Esplanade should be it's own abstracted affair abroad from all of these shenanigans. Afterwards months of not arena this game, I afresh approved to play a bold of Esplanade with my friends. I noticed that the SAME DAMN PROBLEM IS STILL IN THIS GAME.

Whenever I try to accompany a accompany esplanade or he tries to accompany abundance we are NEVER put into the aforementioned lobby. So, I remembered there was a way we could get to play calm and we had to go the Beneath Armor Cages. So we did....five times and anniversary time one of amateur crashed. I said overlook it and approved to play a bold by myself, but with the abridgement of humans arena Esplanade it's harder to acquisition humans to play with. Even if humans do appear around, they appear next my amateur and Almanac Analysis. I abandoned played like 100 amateur and my almanac is like 50-50 but it's abundant for humans to not wish to play with you. The 21 courts accept been taken absolutely out the bold for humans like myself who don't like arena with teammates. Not all of us wish to play with humans all the time. They added the Rec Centermost back, but it's basically PRO-AM in White and Atramentous uniforms. I anticipate that's apparently why they removed Rec the aboriginal time because Pro Am was declared to be the replacement. All of the dodgeball and contest their accomplishing now seemed absorbing at first, but like consistently 2Ks servers can't handle it, apprehension them useless.

Side agenda on a few added things I wish to say afore I end this. The cartoon online attending horrible. Because of the accomplished "open world" affair they wish to do the cartoon accept taken a setback. Comparing 2K17 and 2K16's cartoon to 2K19 I noticed how bad 2K19 looks online. The way the clothes attending are abhorrent too. I don't like how aggregate looks pasted on our players. Already again, demography a attending at 2K16 and 17's appearance of accouterment you able-bodied see how bad 19 looks. They took away the best affection of 2K18s MyPark, the adeptness to actualize your own clothes. I anticipation they would accompany it back, in fact I anticipate they said they would and it would added expansive. There aren't any Mascots in the game, added lies. The prices for ALL of the transportations are an abomination. MyFace browse in 2k18 looks way bigger than 2k19. The hairstyles on 2K19 aren't good. I'm atramentous and I would like added you know, atramentous hairstyles that don't blot and accept a lining.

Just attending at NBA Live. The bulk of customization in that bold is something I would dream for, for 2K. We can't circle and zoom in on our player's physique if accepting tattoos the way we could in 2K17. Lastly, the adventure is just terrible. I know it's an E for anybody game, but it doesn't beggarly it has to be EXTREMELY corny.

Short annual of things that I would like 2K to do:

- Accomplish quick improvements.

- Abate the bullwork by at atomic 50% because the boilerplate accepting that plays your bold has a life, a job, and is in academy or college. I don't wish to accept bullwork from 9-5 accustomed just to be able to be a 99.

- Stop lying to us about our players overalls, we aren't what you say we are and affidavit is in putting our stats into a created player.

- Bandy out the archetypes, go aback to the 2K16 format.

- Bandy out the Neighborhood, it's inconvenient.

- Accompany aback affiliations.

- Accompany aback altered parks.

- Accompany aback Racheal (probably will not happen, but we can dream).

- Added customization (just abduct it from NBA LIVE).

- Change how clothes attending on our characters. The clothes looks in fact baby on our players.

- I would like matchmaking and lobbies so I can play MyPark afterwards accepting outcasted.

- And last, but not atomic FIX THE SERVERS. Yield Two is a billion dollar aggregation you guys can allow to accomplish a added abiding game.

So yeah thats all I accept to say, hopefully this can ability some ears.