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Oct-12-2018 Categories: news

I'm a chinese player, first, apologetic for my shitty english XD.

I builed a 6‘6 attempt creating playmaker with min wingspan. I've played 2K aback 2K9,PG is my Favourite every year.

I'm not a distill god, just adulation passing, searching for my teammates, advice them hit the accessible shot.

I accord up authentic playmaker, i anticipate a lot of acid badges bigger than a HOF ankle-break. And i still acquire HOF dimer.

BUT... this body aghast me.

1,Missing accessible mid shot. Why,chreating attempt is my additional style,i acquire 80 appraisement plz.

2,I'm a playmker PG, PASSING and BALL CONTROL are my best weapon. But they did not arise above to others. ANYBODY can abduct my continued pass,steal me at dribbleing. Is my 90 brawl handle fake?

3,I feel Esplanade no allegation a playmake in team,just 3 authentic shooters, zig zag, bottomless rang shot, win. Authentic ballista is T1 every year, abnormally be SKYFxxKER this year.

BUFF playmker plz 2K,Take affliction of our players who like passing. 2K can accede giving us a brawl savel skill,and accomplish our accidental safe.

Shooters acquire been baron for the endure few years, at atomic aback HOF Bottomless Ambit became a thing. Slashing is added difficult this year with beneath blowbys (not necessarily a bad thing), and playmaking takes added accomplishment aback burglary is way easier (again, allegedly not a bad thing). But acid is the same, zig zag amid a few screens either on brawl or off brawl and it's not too harder to get open.

Even with my playmaker PG, it's so abundant easier and safer to just yield advantage of Gold Aces and Cycle Maestro and pop a 3 over a awning afresh it is to canyon to anyone acid to the rim or drive to the rim myself.

The canyon could get intercepted by anybody on the cloister mashing square, or the layup or douse could calmly absence even if the canyon is completed... but the 3 is easy, just accomplish abiding I'm accessible and time the shot. Authentic sharps don't even allegation to be 100% open, and they don't allegation to be that abutting to the 3 point line.

So yeah, it kinda sucks. I'd acclaim in achievement attention up on the sharps and communicating with teammates, even acceleration them if necessary. And on breach maybe try acid boosts, mt 2k19 and try acid mids and 3s over screens as that build gets HOF Aces and Cycle Maestro which is awesome.

And don't get too mad if the casual authentic aciculate / authentic amplitude 4 hits crazy fadeaway 3's to exhausted you, it is what it is. Yield amusement if you get your wins with dunks, blatant passes, alley-oops, and acrobatic layups... it's a fun way to play if it works.