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Jan-07-2019 Categories: news

Its the aboriginal 2k i anytime played online on and Im sitting on like 10-40 w/l % aback I abandoned play with randoms as none of my accompany play 2k, and able-bodied throught all the amateur ive played except 2 or so anybody didnt canyon me shit, im accepted 00.02% on the cap breaker larboard from hitting 90 overall, I accept appropriate stats, Yes my amateur is 6'4 but that doesnt accomplish me clumsy to score, infact he gets crazy layups and is absolutely acceptable at 3pts and mid ambit shots, and assumption what?

People still dont canyon the ball, I can be chargeless with noone absorption me on the corner, I can be central the acrylic with noone absorption me, and yet humans still adopt to try and get those debris distill moves that they deceit cull off 2k19 mt and bandy that 3pt and miss, thats whats all my amateur been like recently...

I'm just affronted af and tbh i absolutely dont affliction about my win and lose precentage as a new bold would appear out next year but its not fun to assuredly accept the time to play a video bold afresh realise you lose every bold to a amplitude four and a glass cleaner.

Just capital to allege out as a lot of of the lobbies (at atomic in EU) are either baneful or egocentric af. Had anyone beforehand in the JRC who if accepting the entering would dart down the cloister and force a bad attempt or could cause a turnover. So afterwards they got algid and I was inbounding the brawl I froze them out.

They afresh alleged abeyance every abandoned time they were not accustomed the brawl until we ran out. Eventually they larboard afterwards endless turnovers and traveling 1-9. I would advance an I.Q. analysis for JRC matchmaking, and I am not joking.

Countless times of anyone in yield over - say a amplitude big - but they'd rather go 1 on 3 and not canyon to the 2 advanced accessible aggregation mates - including a acceptable cutting stretch, aciculate or just acceptable shooter.

Clogging the paint, or continuing next to a column up allurement for the brawl bringing with them assorted defenders. not demography advantage of absence matches, alive aces and cycle or anything.

I too play on EU servers and anybody is carbon hungry, play awfully poorly, toxic. Connected reaching, fouling. Honestly, could address an article on JRC. Park is ok... sometimes.