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Mar-07-2019 Categories: news

I play with a Play Aciculate PG. He shoots lights out and is appealing acceptable distributor. Defensively he struggles vs Aciculate Plays and Attempt Plays. I acquire a ambit of builds but would like to accomplish a dispatch demon (high speed, dispatch with ball, and acceleration) that can:

(1) Hit accessible 3 pointers from the bend and wing.

(2) Cull up and accomplish accessible middies if the aegis closes out or on the break.

(3) Finish at the rim if there is amplitude on the break.

(4) Dribble and actualize in iso.

**Important note: I like to play with guards with min wingspan/min weight. I adopt brawl ascendancy addition and I yield accessible shots. I play abundant on-ball aegis and am not afraid about that, additional I would be guarding/pressing the PG up the court.

Here's what I'm considering:

A, Authentic Attempt Creator - HOF Difficult/Mid Range, Gold Corner/Catch & Shoot/Acrobat.. abundant all-embracing scoring body but at this acme with min wing/ weight he wouldn't dispatch addition until 96 ovr.

B, Aciculate Play - Gold Abate Breaker & Dimer, Argent Corner/Deep Range/Limitless/Catch & Shoot... actually the fastest ballista but I feel like it adeptness attempt at mid-range with Bronze Difficult Shots/Mid-Range Dead Eye.

C, Play Attempt - Gold Difficult/Mid and Abate Breaker. Argent Corner/Deep Range/Catch & Shoot... lose a little shooting/finishing and the HOF badges from the authentic attempt to be able to dispatch addition about immediately, and get an advancement from Argent Abate Breaker to Gold additional Gold Dimer.

D, Aciculate Attempt - HOF Mid/Difficult. Gold Corner/Deep Range/Catch & Shoot... hits authentic blooming breach point and still antic at mid range. Finishing is adapted too a but a tad bit slower than the blow of the builds.

E, Two Way Attempt Creator - Gold Mid/Difficult. Argent Corner/Deep Range/Catch & Shoot and Abate Breaker. I'm fractional to two way attempt creators because of how counterbalanced they are. Argent Arresting Stopper would be accessible bottomward HOF/Gold playmaker badges down to Argent and Bronze. Finishing & Mid Ambit attributes are comparable of nba 2k19 mt. You lose some of the cutting attributes but the badges are still there. Not as fast with the brawl but 93 speed/94 acceleration/86 crabbed activity can could could could could cause calamity and accomplish it easier to get open.

Thoughts? And amuse don't acquaint me how crazy I am. Because I'll tag you in my highlight mix to prove you wrong.