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Sep-14-2018 Categories: news

Hey lets allocution about which Emerald Rewards to grab in MyTeam ... So, now that we've had a few canicule to abstract MyTeam, I ample we could babble a bit about which Emerald Rewards to in actuality grab.

You're traveling to charge to yield 10 of these to move to the next board, and while you apparently will not play all of them for long, I anticipate there are some absolute advantageous grabs in here.

My favorites so far:

- Courtney Lee (Nets). A lot of Emerald players alone accept solid stats on one category, and afresh it's about attached weaknesses elsewhere. But Lee has appropriate admeasurement (6'5 is accomplished for a 2 guard), has abundant cutting stats, solid non-steal arresting stats, and is competent at finishing. He's a acceptable account advantage for offline Amateur Threat.

- Apple B.Free (Philly). Boobie Gibson is apparently the best scoring bouncer in the aboriginal game, but if your accumulating isn't big abundant to acquire him, Apple is a acceptable advantage too. He's a little abbreviate (6'2), but he can still dunk, actualize plays out of the PnR, and can hit shots at every level. He compares agreeably to a lot of the abject akin Emerald PGs.

- Kevin Willis (Raptors). A admired accumulating accolade endure season, Willis doesn't accept the aloft stats, but he's still a 7 footer who can hit chargeless throws, move a little, rebound, dunk, and accomplish from the post. In a arrangement that rewards cavalcade scoring a bit added than endure year, he's a advantageous challenges player.

- James Posey (Grizz)- One of my favorites. He's got the admeasurement to bouncer either advanced spot, a absolute solid accessible three point attempt (he hits two a bold for me in Domination), gold Arresting Stopper, and the adeptness to hit accessible middies too. Not a abundant finisher, but he's absolute able in my system.

IMO, application a badge on a rim protector blazon (like Javale), isn't as useful, because you can get a acceptable Saph centermost (Adams, Drummond, Horford, etc) for 2K MT or under, and there are affluence of solid Emerald options as able-bodied in the abject set. Three and D types, scoring point guards, or just authentic size, adeptness be bigger areas of focus.

What do you think? Who accept you enjoyed arena with? Posey and DJ Augustin are bare to complete the bequest sets for the hornets and grizzlies.

I got the fable copy that came with 50k MT, went adjoin my bigger judgement and acclimated it on a few packs, pulled Russ and Kyrie and awash them and best up the Grizzlies cards for cheap, and did added flipping as well. Completing the Grizzlies got me 15 tokens which I acclimated to get the draft of the 10 I bare to alleviate Sapphire rewards.

I don't bethink all of the ones I unlocked, because I'm at work, but the aboriginal one I went for was Courtney Lee for the affidavit you mentioned.

Also best up Frye, Peterson, Craig Ehlo, James Posey, Javale MCgee, David West, Rodney Rodgers, and I'm cartoon a bare on the rest.

First Sapphire I apart was Iman Shumpert. I haven't played MyTeam as abundant as I accept in antecedent years as I accept been aggravating to focus on my MyPlayer. But I've apparent a few of the posts about guys traveling 12-0 in Unlimited and accepting the Diamond Finley and they said that they went with a arresting focus. Courtney Lee, Shump, James Posey, Sapphire Tony Allen are some of the guys I best up for if I do get about to arena more.