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Aug-03-2018 Categories: news

My angle for 2k19 Myleague below:

1,Tendencies should be adaptive based on amateur skill. As a amateur improves his attempt addiction should go up or if you barter for a guy who was a bank amateur on accession team to alpha on castigation they should acclimate to how he will be acclimated in the new team.

2,More of a MyGM ache but chargeless bureau needs to be reworked so you apperceive what role a guy wants. If he wants to start, just accept him say I wish to alpha apparent and simple. Abacus to that there should be a way to get guys to yield "betting on myself" affairs so that they'll yield a basal role for a year or two in hopes of accepting a bigger arrangement next offseason.

3,Regression needs to be anchored so that if a guy is still arena at a top akin his all-embracing doesn't al of a sudden yield a 7 point hit because the bold decides he's too old (Kawhi is in lower 80s by the time he's 30 if you don't blend with corruption sliders).

4,Trade and chargeless bureau argumentation needs to be bigger CPU. CPU will accept three 85+ guys at centermost and alone play one cogent account meanwhile I got George Hill accusatory he's not accepting abundant account animate corruption able-bodied he was signing to play abaft Westbrook.

5,Better bank and army reactions and animations. Forth with that accept army appearance reflect team achievement and the blazon of admirers a city-limits have. If the Knicks are at the basal of the standings The Garden should not be abounding (not abiding if thats a acceptable archetype but you get it). Maybe bandy a cardboard bag on a brace peoples active every now and afresh too.

6,Be able accept if you wish to retire a players jersey if they were with the team for an X bulk of years admitting stats.

7,More assorted abstract classes. Drafts are appealing anticipated and afterwards the aboriginal 5 picks the rookies are appealing abundant abandoned until their 3rd or 4th years. I wish 1st aces busts and backward annular stars. EA did a acceptable job in Madden 18 abacus belief to rookies and accumulation that into their abstract value.

8,Another MyGM affair but accept your brilliant players appear to your agenda at the alpha of the offseason or during the division and accord their ascribe on what administration they anticipate the team should go as far as agenda moves and abstract picks etc.

If anyone in actuality mangages to apprehend through all of this messiness, that would be cool. I can add added account if they pop aback into my arch afterwards today, and suggest to buy mt nba 2k19 on mmogo.