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NBA 2K - Re downloading 2k because my disc glitched

What're you guys up to? At this point in the game, what are you guys all accomplishing on 2k lately? I'm aggravating to get aback into it and don't apperceive what to play.

If you're absorbed in arena with the adapted teams with rookies and chargeless bureau moves, feel chargeless to analysis out my roster! Acquaint it actuality endure week, I amend it circadian with every transaction and some new rookies!

Been authoritative and experimenting with altered archetypes for mycareer, my capital ones for this year were point advanced and attempt creator, but I just fabricated a acrylic protector and im accepting a lot of fun with him.

It just pisses me off that if I play I just see all! The tiny shitty things the haven't fixed! And all the added accepting that would be air-conditioned simple to add/improve and would accomplish the bold always added enjoyable. I ambition to be able to change how big my easily and anxiety are!

Been arena Blacktop afresh afterwards alienated it all year continued just to try something new. It's cheesey at times, but at atomic I don't acquire to accord with MTO's bs like blaster and quits for assertive too early.

After this I'm apparently just gonna alpha authoritative accidental teams in the Agenda Editor and just blend about with them in Play Now.

I acquire been just recording and alteration amateur in my MyLeague. Created about 35 players put them in seperate abstract classes and acquire afresh play McDonalds All-American Bold afresh go to College afresh get drafted Summer

Alliance afresh NBA, I even did FIBA teams. I acquire watched so abounding amateur lol.

How acquire you been adequate 2k this backward in the season?

That's awesome, rn I'm sitting on 85k in MyTeam and aggravating to accomplish a aggregation but just ambition to accomplish abiding I get the appropriate players first.

I'd acclaim just accepting fun players at this point, whether they're low bank or top tier.

Re downloading 2k because my disc awry and fabricated me decay 10 dollars on charwoman the disc because it wouldn't accessible even afterwards I got it cleaned NBA 2K18 MT Coins. My disc never had any aloft scratches or scuffs.