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NBA 2K - Players who still charge a design card

Who do you anticipate still needs to get a design agenda afore the end of the aeon in MyTeam. I alone would like to see a 95 ovr Lakers Pau Gasol.

Also acutely any cavs or GSW players are yet to get one of NBA 2K18 MT Coins, but will assuredly acquire one by the end of the finals.

I would be blessed with a Ewing that is in fact obtainable.

Definitely doesn't charge one, abnormally if you attending at his playoff numbers, but I would adulation a Design Klay.

We will afterwards a agnosticism get a design klay, green, Durant and adapted back-scratch by the end of the finals.

Nah, Pau needs one, if Marc gets one Pau gets one, in Pau's prime he was def a diamond.

Even if he plays the aforementioned the blow of the playoffs, no agnosticism he'll get a playoffs agenda for his bold endure year adjoin OKC in bold 6.

He should've gotten one for his 60 point achievement at the alpha of the season.

Early in the year 2k rarely releases design moments cards. But 60 credibility on 11 dribbles 100% adapted one.

I anticipate his bittersweet was for the 60 point game, but at the time 2k didn't ambition to absolution ammy or design cards.