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NBA 2K - On myGm use a custom roster

If you play on Myleague just go into the players arrangement and NBA 2K18 MT Coins extend it in the acclimate amateur feature. Afresh about-face on the barter approval and block any brainless trades.

On myGm use a custom roster, and admission the arrangement years for guys like LeBron and Durant.

The bold seems to blaze or not abandon coaches so you accept a adventitious at acrimonious them up.

I don't anticipate you can ascendancy that aspect.I abhorrence how you can't extend coaches afore their affairs expire.

You can aswell accession adherence so players are added acceptable to stay. For example, Durant and Embiid consistently leave in FA so I fabricated their adherence 100.

Likewise, fabricated no faculty Draymond consistently adenoids dives afterwards 28 so I fabricated his aiguille age admission to 35.

Go to acclimate belly and put up his adherence to 99 and lower play for champ and banknote attributes. Do this for anyone you don't ambition jumping teams.

In MyLeague you should put CPU Resigning Aggressiveness to like 95% afresh all acceptable players will get offers from their teams, usually the max.

I abhorrence to say it but this would candidly be alarming as hell in absolute life.I anticipate it would horrific. I don't see Kawhi abrogation the Spurs anytime soon.

I didn't accept why Kawhi larboard too, but afresh I looked up added aggregation stats and begin out Pop is the arch drillmaster of the Cavs now in MyCareer. Maybe that's why Kawhi larboard for Cleveland in 2K's absolute action logic.