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NBA 2K - I was amiss about the adaptation of 2k

Seeing this Javale that NBA 2K17 MT was appear fabricated me anticipate of rebuilding this band in MyTeam.

Not alone were they one of my admired squads to watch but to play as in 2k. Acclimated to bones humans with them in 2k12.

EDIT: It accept to accept been 2k13 aback Iggy came in the 2012 offseason.

I've played a ton of 2k12, that was with aflalo at the two, iggy came over in the 2012 offseason, that would be 2k13.

It accept to accept been 2k13, this is the 2012-2013 Nuggets and I looked and didn't see Afflalo on that squad.

I bethink him on the nuggets but I don't anticipate Iggy and him played calm at the aforementioned time, did they?

That's what I'm saying, they had afflalo during the 11-12 analysis (2k12) and afresh in the 2012 offseason traded him for iggy as allotment of the Dwight trade, so this aggregation was during 2k13, not 12.

Yep you're right. I was amiss about the adaptation of 2k.

That aggregation was fun as hell to watch. Too bad they ran into the Steph Curry advancing out affair in the playoffs.

That was a in actuality fun series. Acceptable memories...Javale and Bogut trading posters was allegedly the highlight.

Was drafted assimilate this aggregation in MyCareer in 2k13 and it was a lot of fun to play with.