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Feb-04-2017 Categories: news

I just got 2K17 today, and the bold is great, but I noticed something while I was cat-and-mouse for my snail ass wi-fi to download the updates. I absitively to yield a attending at the Euroleague rosters because I planned on accomplishing a GM NBA 2K17 MT Coins approach or alliance with those teams. Some of the players were a tad off:

Rudy Fernandez is in the bold as "Fernandez Rodolfo". Neither of his positions are SG, and he doesn't attending like he does irl.

Nando de Colo was endure year's Euroleague MVP and top scorer. He's been CSKA's starting PG aback 2014. Should be one of the league's bigger players, right? Nope. He's a 67 and abandoned CSKA's 4th best PG

Irl Aleksandar Vezenkov is a 6'9" white Bulgarian / Cypriot. In bold he's a 6'8" atramentous Frenchman. Irl he has hair. In bold he is bald

Any added errors like this? I'll apparently absorb a bit alteration them all (or in the case of Vezenkov, creating a cast new player)

Highly cool they amend this, as they are abandoned focused on online based modes. Hopefully we can both be surprised.

This was the aboriginal year that Euroleague rosters were in actuality up to date (I overlook if it was because of authorization deals or a change with the Euroleague agenda rules so that they were accomplished earlier).

Everyone was assured acceptable Euroleague rosters with them, but nope. They're appealing abundant just the players name, and a lot of of them accept their accepted concrete likeness, but few facescans, if any at all.

That's just the way it goes for offline rosters, abnormally Euroleague to Buy NBA 2K17 MT.

Vezenkov was airy endure year in NBA 2k16, I adeptness accept the video I did of that, searching for it. They just beeline boldness us europeans, they've been accomplishing that forever.

Speaking of players who are altered in game, Adam Hanga. He is 10 years adolescent than he is irl. Like, how harder is it to accept players attending like they do at atomic vaguely, or be their listed height, or be the appropriate age. It's lazy.