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NBA 2K - I get handed the L

When you're 9-0 traveling for the design NBA 2K18 MT brand and your adversary decides to abdicate and you yield the L. Up 27-18 in the additional , I get handed the L.

The advance isn't even that huge. I anticipation accepting an L alone happens if you go up by added than 15 afore the end of aboriginal half. Did you try cat-and-mouse 15 account afore you avenue the game?

No I did not, because like you I anticipation the advance was abutting enough. But allegedly not.

Well at atomic now we know. I feel that it's in fact accidental tho. Sometimes I get an L even if I'm alone up by 5 and there were times in up by 20 and I still recieved the W.

I in fact acquire it's random, a few amateur afore I went up about 40 appropriate afore the 4th if my adversary absitively to leave, I took the W abetment out appropriate abroad not cerebration annihilation of it.

I anticipate it's random. I was up 20ish in the 1st qtr, guy quit, I waited like 15+ mins, still got the loss.

I anticipate it has added to do with how aboriginal they abdicate than what the advance is at the time.

Can affirm this is not it. its random. i acquire had wins with the accepting abandonment appropriate away.

Sometimes it'll plan appropriately and you'll accept a win. Based on what I've heard it's added acceptable to appear the beforehand they quit.

It's so brainless that we acquire to ascertain methods like cat-and-mouse 15 account in adjustment to not lose if we win.

Of the 22 Ls I got (out of 30 or so matches) about 8 of those were abstract Ls, and I just couldn't yield it anymore.