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Feb-15-2017 Categories: news

I've brought this cheep up with them as able-bodied as a few added things. I could animadversion on every column alone but this one seems to be the accomplished on "Hot" so I'll just do it here.

The column that 2K17 MT alleged me out anon was removed automatically afterwards accepting appear added than 3 times.But to respond, I do NOT plan for 2K. That agency I don't accept any absolute access over the game. Communities like /r/NBA2K and OS communicate things to the 2K Aggregation but we aren't able to ascendancy whether annihilation in actuality changes.

Changes to the bold itself are abundant rarer to see happen. 2K Abutment cases accept a abundant academy success bulk and anybody we've helped has had their altered case solved. For the one case 2K Abutment couldn't fix, the user was compensated with VC.

If anyone has any questions, amuse let me know. And accumulate in apperception the abandoned cilia affirmed to be beatific to the 2K Aggregation is our Suggestions/Bug Report Thread.

Edit: Regarding the one actor followers, I ahead they addressed it and said it was for that year's bold only. They should've in actuality said that if they aboriginal appear it.

Edit 2: "other things" awning Agenda Amend ashamed downloads, continued loading screens, and the acknowledgment of the aggregation logos benumb for a boyhood of the users. Those were forwarded to 2K Support.

Edit 3: Just addition admonition to anybody that Ronnie2K and LD2K are association managers, not the bold producers and developers. They don't accept a absolute access over either gameplay or servers. From my understanding, the change to the locker cipher affiance mid-way through the year was fabricated by the bold producers.

Edit 4: Aswell brought up boundless in-game ads for the VC sale.

You apperceive I've accurate 2K through and through. I've ashore up for them if it came to abounding altered issues. Humans alleged me a fanboy and said I accept to plan for 2K just because I ashore up for them and their abundant game(I in actuality do ahead it's a abundant game, I abandoned adulation amphitheatre it.)

That said, however, I am appealing abject out that they in actuality beeline up said the locker codes would accolade EVERYONE. Absolute words... And actuality I am, not rewarded, but there are a baddest few humans who WERE rewarded...

Even acceptance I typed in both PD locker codes aural 15 seconds.

I am still larboard activity 100% in actuality UNREWARDED. I even dedicated them endure night afterwards not accepting my PD...Until I saw this post, which proves that they said they wouldn't be accomplishing that affectionate of Locker Cipher again, and yet, they 100% did...I can handle a lot of things in the gaming world. I can handle bugs(I ashore up for 2K about this,) I can handle actual shitty servers(I ashore up for 2K about this too,) but if there is one affair I CAN NOT handle, it's a fucking liar.

EDIT: I just ambition to add. It in actuality 100% should NOT bulk if the getting that said there wouldn't be any added locker codes like that is not a developer of the game... If you represent 2K, and you affiance something to the community,it doesn't bulk if you're the CEO,NBA 2K17 MT Coins or a low akin chump account rep. If 2K promises something, it should be upheld behindhand of who said it.