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NBA 2K - I do not accept in the equalizer

Am I the alone one that gets DESTROYED by "God Squads?" I don't accept in the equalizer. I accept a aggregation abounding of rubies and any aggregation loaded with precious stones destroys my team.

My rubies move like they're ashore in molasses compared to these 97 OVR design teams I face every added game.

2K17 MT Coins And it doesn't bulk if the added teams accept weaknesses because they're all bashed up precious stones with shoes. This appear to any one else?

Just sucks because I don't accept a lot of time to play the bold and MTOnline is my admired way to play.

I can accept fun aggressive matches with analogously akin teams but this far into the bold it's harder to acquisition analogously akin players.

Well if the adversary plays able-bodied and has a god band you absolutely can alone do so much, I've begin bittersweet teams can still attempt if they corruption the blaster as abounding as accessible by 5-out and active to the rim for abhorrent calls.

I've apparent teams win with and afterwards the equalizer, if the accepting alive the aggregation in the lower alliance has no skill, they'll prob get destroyed out. But the blaster is absolutely strong, amateur can get absolutely tight.

Trust, sometimes the humans in college leagues, like me, we accept to accomplish some absolutely abounding plays down the stretch, a brace canicule ago I won by 3 credibility to a aggregation of 1 amy and 6 rubies, the blow were sapphires and 2 emeralds.

I've been aggravating to attempt but the 5-out cheese is just too abounding for me. Got to accept it works tho.

Yeah it's so cheesey I try to abstain it unless it's justified by my adversary pausing or alive it himself.

Pace, continued 3-2, and 3-2 anchor my boy, 7 abnormal and breeze with an able-bodied slasher off the bench, never lose again.

I advisedly added 2 emeralds and sapphires to my bank and MYNBA2K17 RP saw emerald jay Williams lock up Clyde drexler and emerald Jr artisan bead bombs from heaven.