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Feb-24-2017 Categories: news

For context: I about consistently use my bronze/silver players on Blacktop (for affidavit I've acquaint in added threads) but sometimes I'll accolade myself if I go on NBA 2K MT Coins crazy acceptable streaks. And Bernard Baron is the added best agenda I've anytime acclimated in this bold (next to Sidney Moncrief).

The bold was way, way afterpiece than it should've been. My opponent's aggregation was Amethyst Yao Ming (his pick), Amethyst Dwyane Wade, and Gold Ryan Hollins (ooof).

But they akin up Mark Amount on Yao so there was annihilation I could do to stop him (I play on-ball 100% of the time).

Final account was 16-14:

My stats

Opponent's stats

Also, that Mark Amount agenda is incredible. I may accept to accomplishment the Cavs celebrated accumulating just so I can blend about with him. Hall of Fame PnR and Hall of Fame dimer and not a accountability on defense.

Ok, so blacktop matches up players based on acme (i.e. tallest amateur on tallest player, etc.) so I apperceive you're exaggerating if you say you had 6'0" Mark Amount attention 7'5" Yao Ming, if they are the tallest and beeline players on the cloister respectively.

Maybe this guy was active aces and rolls (I would accept been if I were him), but don't try and say that the bold akin it up that way, because it didn't.

I'm abiding arena with 3 precious stones in blacktop must've been fun though, ambition I had that affectionate of luck.

That may've been the case - the Wade/Ming PnR. And so I manually about-face to the receiver in that case (Butler and Baron would've been dead down-low too). I apperceive I got backed down in fact a few times with Price. But aswell got a block with him which I wasn't expecting, so that was exciting.

And, yeah, never had that affectionate of luck afore with picks. I'm over 1500 amateur now and accept had PD Barkley once, PD Chamberlain twice,NBA 2K17 MT Buy and PD Jerry West already (opponent quit, waaah). The three precious stones were a ton of fun; anybody is so much faster.