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Jul-23-2017 Categories: news

Why is a min weight myplayer searching the exact aforementioned than a max weight player? Ofc they've absent out Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Coins on something like beef definition. but it all starts with some 'basics' like weight imo.

It's consistently agitated me that this hasn't anytime been issued. What's the point of accepting a claimed MyPlayer if their physique looks the aforementioned as anybody else?

Weight doesn't alter added than the number, and even your acme in the cutscenes of MyCareer are fucked. I accept a 6 basal 2 inch point bouncer and if he's talking to guys in the locker allowance he looks like he's the admeasurement of Lebron.

Also: I play a lot of WWE2k and absorb a lot of time in the conception suite. The physique types and customization on that bold are crazy good. I ambition they could apparatus that into NBA2k.

The old MyPlayer modes on the ps3/360 had altered bodies. If you aloft your weight afresh your guy would in actuality attending bigger and if you bargain your weight afresh your guy would attending abundant smaller.

Honestly like if I ambition to accomplish a 6'3 350 batter point bouncer called Jabba LaSlut he bigger attending obese. That's my dream.

lmao and allotment of the myCareer "story" is breadth your myPlayer starts to chase a able exercise regimen. The bold makes a HUGE accord out of it too, there's assorted cutscenes, and even fucking Kevin Harlan comments on it.

In one cutscene Pres starts to acknowledgment on his "gains" that he's made, if there's in actuality no change at all.

Wow, acclaim to u for announcement this! I can't accept it's taken this connected for anyone to say it, this was one of the absolute aboriginal things that in actuality agitated me about 2k17!

Edit - I do accept to disagree with the KD and Giannis's builds tho - I anticipate they're in actuality adequately accurate admitting Giannis is on the angular ancillary as he's connected to aggregate up absolutely a bit, abnormally over the advance of the 2017 analysis itself.

The abandoned botheration I accept with the models of KD, Giannis, Steph Curry, Dennis Schroder, Gordon Hayward, Isaiah Thomas (that's just off the top of my head!), etc. is they are adequately angular players but accept massive legs.

Just attending at the admeasurement of the beasts on these players. They accept the aforementioned admeasurement beasts as the LeBron amateur model. They attending like the Worms from Men in Black rather than a angular human.