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Apr-17-2017 Categories: news

I accept a new column scorer that I'm alive on, and I've been seeing a lot of guys application the column hook, accepting blooming afterwards blooming with the skyhook. I'm aggravating it out in MyCourt. It consistently goes abounding bar and NBA 2K17 MT afresh bounces aback down.

If I absolution hardly beforehand and beforehand it eventually goes into a angle pump fake. There seems to be no in-between. Either agglomeration affected or a abounding bounceback. Anyone abroad accepting this problem?

Yeah...really black I accept yet to blooming a skyhook with Kareem because he has 99 column angle in MT afterwards 25+ amateur with him. Aforementioned botheration you have, either way too backward or the pump fake.

Ok so it's not just me lol. Was apprehensive why that was accident to me but I see videos of column scorers greening 4 skyhooks in a row in the park.

Just accumulate alive on it, I didn't accept a blooming with Kareem until like 4 amateur in. Now I get a solid bulk of them per game.

Honestly , in bold it feels altered , I approved practicing it in my cloister and I could almost get it in . I formed into the my esplanade , and I kid you not , acclimated my 6'3 aciculate to skyhook (abandoned if it's the alas bassinet and we are up big lol) and I've greened it maybe 5 out of 20 times, I'm 14/20 and sky hooks.

Possibly, go advanced and try it out in my esplanade w ur Acquaintance or Smth and try it if you're up big, you're gonna get the timing down eventually or later, if I, a 6'3 aciculate can blooming that shit, no acumen why you can't,if you can't,fk 2k.