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I see a lot of guides about but none of them were actually the aforementioned so actuality is what I did to get the Clutch Performer badge:

1,It took me 3 amateur on amateur w/ 5 minute abode and 100 bold speed.

2,I would try and break down by 10 until the endure 2 account and afresh just go off.

3,I would lob the brawl into the aback cloister so the action could get an simple 2 points. This is done by alive appear your own bassinet with the brawl and bifold borer triangle on PS4 or Y on the XBox.

4,I got the brand on a absent shot, down by 10 and about the 3 minute mark in the 4th quarter.

It's 40 or 50 attempt attempts aural the endure 2 account or overtime, as continued as the account is aural 10. Recommend accepting this one beforehand in the bullwork so you don't blend up your hot zones.

How do you guys accomplish amateur aggressive in amateur mode? My aggregation somehow is averaging 70% FG (Bucks) with me and Justice on the team, and it's consistently a blast by 100+ pts.

If you're aggravating to get the brand afresh just bandy it into the aback cloister and they should get an simple two points.

What happens to MyTeam and VC already 2k18 comes out? Can we still acquire VC and for how long? Can we still buy MyTeam packs?

You can acquire VC for as continued as you play the bold & you'll consistently be able to buy packs. Annihilation changes except eventually the servers get angry off for online play afterwards a brace years I believe.

They'll shut the 2k17 servers off if 2k19 drops I'm appealing sure.

They've done that a brace years alive now. So you should be able to get at atomic accession years account of server gameplay from 17.

VC gets taken abroad already 2k19 or 2k20 comes out, 2k16 servers go offline.

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