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Mar-08-2018 Categories: news

I've spent hours anniversary day for the accomplished anniversary or so just sitting in mycourt aggravating to get connected with drive dribbling.

I can do it every already and a while but it takes so abounding tries that it's not even annual attempting in a game... I am accomplishing the following:

- Brawl is in larboard hand, flick adapted stick already to the adapted for a crossover and anon afterwards flicking it authority larboard joystick to the adapted while captivation rt at the aforementioned time.

And like I said, it works sometimes. I'm arena in complete camera settings but still sometimes I actively feel like it alone works if I'm either ancillary of the basket.

Like if I'm on the adapted duke ancillary of the bassinet I can drive cantankerous to the larboard with somewhat affluence but if I try to cantankerous to the adapted it just does a accustomed crossover... every time.. even admitting I'm absolutely on complete and accomplishing the aforementioned motion.

I absolutely don't apperception that it's a harder move to do and takes a lot of convenance to get down. But I acquire put hours and hours into my cloister this accomplished anniversary and still cannot get it. I feel like I'm missing something?

It's so inconsistent. I've noticed if you try the drive cantankerous you should accumulate the brawl in the duke of the allotment of the cloister you're continuing on.

For archetype if you're starting at the adapted addition or top post, allure the distill from the adapted to the larboard and carnality versa on the added side. It's still not connected but I've begin added success that way.

That's absolutely what I've begin as well. It just doesn't accomplish abundant faculty to me because complete camera settings beggarly the aforementioned exact admixture of joystick movements should activate the aforementioned affair every time but it doesn't, acutely something in 2k affects it that we don't apperceive about.

I watch videos of these batty dribblers that admixture 10 drive dribbles in a row, 2k18 mt and I just sit actuality apprehensive how it's possible.