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Feb-01-2017 Categories: news

Beautiful ass neighborhood. Shit, I should appearance you my neighborhood, fucking graffiti on the aback boards, angled rims, no mesh, blood-soaked concrete, ingrown grass,NBA 2K MT Coins torn liquor bottles.

Anyone abroad accept old town's noises accompany aback memories of roller coaster tycoon?

Had about an hour to play mypark tonight and anticipation I could play a appropriate bulk of games.

Didn't accept any accompany on tonight so I approved to go solo.

Loaded into esplanade approved to play a game, got ashore on pads for 10 minutes. Quit restart, got ashore on pads again. Assuredly get a bold to start... Crash

Reload esplanade again, administer to bound win 1 game. Next band is accessible to play and allegedly one of my rando teammates comatose (stood there cat-and-mouse for the bold to alpha for 10 added minutes).

Game assuredly let's me advance B to get off the court. Acquisition addition court, angle on pads for 5 minutes... Crash

1 fucking bold in an hour for NBA 2K18 MT... Actualize a abstracted esplanade afterwards gay ass pajama pants, top hats, and bruised brawl moves so we can in achievement play...