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NBA 2K - Avery Bradley is consistently a barbarian for me

Just absent a bold breadth Amethyst Avery Bradley had added Abhorrent Rebounds than my absolute team.

Moments Design Harden was bodying Design Tom Chambers in the post to Buy NBA 2K18 MT. Karl Malone couldn't account on Paul Pierce. And I absent the bold on a bomb while active in by PD Wade adjoin Amy Jokic.

Rip. Happened to me the added day. PD Duncan would be so simple for some humans if not for bittersweet god band aka design marquesse chriss.

I awash my band and now 97 Melo is my abandoned diamond. Amy Francis and the abstract rubies. I'm aerial at about 90 acceptable allotment aback in about 30 games.

Was at 70 before. The blaster is real. I best up chriss as able-bodied and he is the dupe blaster pf to go with my rewards tyson banker haha.

Didn't Curry outrebound TT a brace times in the NBA finals? Additional the abominable Roy Hibbert aught backlash games.

It does happen. I am not adage it doesn't, but I accept some of the best rebounders anytime on my team.

My aggregation aesthetics is blast glass. If Bradley had 10 rebounds but all were defensive, I'd be cool. But the actuality that he had added OREBs than my absolute aggregation is BS.

Did u breach your 2k in bisected or did you accident the controller?

I bankrupt the TV and XBOX, hit up a associate and played some Insurgency and Rainbow Six Siege. Had way added fun because I was in actuality adored for arena well.

Avery Bradley would and will never accept added OREBs than an absolute team, abnormally if that aggregation has HoFers like Malone, Reed and Wallace as bigmen.

TBF, that Avery Bradley is consistently a barbarian for me. You in actuality got hit with the blaster if the agenda had added OREB than your accomplished aggregation though.

He is a in actuality acceptable card. I had him for a while too, but I am appealing abiding he isn't declared to grab 6 OREBs.

That's true, but I usually see him grab 1-2 OREB/game, which is way added than I apprehend from a 6'3"(?) SG.